The history and success of McFarlane Toys

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Comics creator, Todd McFarlane founded Todd McFarlane Productions and its subsidiary McFarlane Toys in 1994. McFarlane Toys are known for their amazingly high quality, detailed models from comics, movies, video games, musicians and more.

Originally, in 1994, Todd McFarlane had teamed up to work with Mattel to produce action figures based on his comic book characters. However, after disputes and McFarlane’s demand for higher standards, he reclaimed the toy rights to his characters and started his own company named “Todd’s Toys. This was later changed in 1995 to McFarlane Toys.

The company began production with action figures based upon Todd McFarlane’s Spawn series which consisted of six figures and several playset accessories. Each figure came with a small comic book that was individualize to the character. These figures were different from other toys of its time because of its quality, attention detail and sturdy packaging making it appealing to toy collectors.

Since then, McFarlane Toys has gained the toy rights to several well known brands including The Simpsons, Wizard of Oz, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Beatles, Freddie Mercury, Fornite and more.

There are many McFarlane products in store, come and check out the details and quality in person.

We are excited that McFarlane Toys will be partnering with Warners Bros from 2020 on a 3 year license to produce 6" to 12" DC Multiverse ultra-poseable action figures! We can't wait to see these!

McFarlane Toys

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