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5 things you may not know about the iconic 1979 Alien movie

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  1. Sigourney Weaver only scored the role of Ellen Ripley a few weeks before shooting started… Before her, Ridley Scott wanted a male Ripley. And to think that our beloved Alien protagonist was so close to being another typical male action hero (for that time)!
  2. The prop designers for the film used real organic materials (shellfish, oysters and sheep kidneys) in order to up the horror of the alien in the film. Eugh!
  3. H.R. Giger (creative mastermind behind the Alien design) got his drawings seized by US Customs because they were so disturbed by what they saw. Now you know how horrific and realistic the design of the alien really was!
  4. Before its release, not a single image or photograph of the Alien was released to retain shock value. In fact, the Alien is only seen for a mere 4 minutes out of the entire movie!
  5. Ridley Scott auditioned circus performers, gymnasts, basketball players and even Peter Mahew (Chewbacca himself!) for the role of the Alien. In the end, it was given to graphic design student Bolaji Badejo, whose 6'10" figure captured the Alien casting director at a random pub in London.


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