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Your favourite childhood toys from the 80s, 90s and 2000s.

Alfy's Vintage Collection

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Shop 7, 233 Harris Street PYRMONT Sydney

Now also at MITCHELL ROAD ANTIQUES CENTRE 17 Bourke Road Alexandria (Mon-Sun 10am-6pm)

July 2024 Pyrmont Shop Hours:

Mon - Fri 11am-2pm

Saturdays 13/7 & 27/7 11am-2pm

CLOSED Saturdays 6/7 & 20/7

CLOSED Sundays


An invitation to "play"

You will find the most treasured toys from the past and present at Alfy's New & Vintage Toy Shop. Be in awe at our unique collection of toys that will take you back in time, and help you rediscover your best childhood memories. Bring your children and create new memories that will last a lifetime!