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Marvel Select  - Odin the Destroyer ©2016
Marvel Select  - Odin the Destroyer ©2016

Marvel Select - Odin the Destroyer ©2016

When the Celestials threatened the destruction of Earth, Odin, the All-Father of Asgard, created the Destroyer armor. Once it is inhabited by the spirit of a sentient being, it embarks on is mission to destroy; powerful beings can amplify its strength a thousanfold, but only powerful minds can guide it in less destructive tasks. Although it did once fulfill its task of facing the Celestial host (it was defeated), the Destroyer armor has far more often been used against Asgardians and humans. Loki has dispatched the Destroyer against his brother Thorl Thor has physically worn the armor to take on Hela, Queen of Hel; and Odin himself donned the armor to battle his son Thor, wielding the Odinsword in the brutal contest.

This 7" scale Marvel Select action figure of the Destroyer features approximately 16 points of articulation, and includes the Odinsword as well as an interchangeable head of Odin.

Recommended for 8 years +