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Klorofil - Magic Tree House
Klorofil - Magic Tree House
Klorofil - Magic Tree House

Klorofil - Magic Tree House

Welcome to the iconic green Klorofil Magic Tree House! Share the same magical fun you remember from your childhood Tree Tots family tree house with a new generation of children!

Originally introduced in 1975 by Kenner, and an extremely popular toy in the 1970's and 80's, the Tree House toy has now been relaunched by French manufacturer Vulli - also the maker of Sophie The Giraffe.

Develop your child's imagination with the famous Magic Tree House and all its secrets!


  • Magic Tree House with natural sounds of birds singing and river water running when the green tree is opened up.
  • 5 x Tree house family figures - Martin the forest ranger daddy, Begonia the fruit & vegetable growing mummy, Robin the little boy, Cherry the little girl and Basil the dog.
  • Kitchen with table, chair and bench for recreating real life scenes with the play figures
  • Built in slide, see-saw and swing
  • Car with enough space for four play figures
  • Lift to wind up and down using the crank in the tree trunk
  • Bush shaped kennel for Basil the dog

Suitable for Ages 18 months+