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Barbie - Career
Barbie - Career
Barbie - Career

Barbie - Career

You can be anything - Doctor!

When a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become.

Doctors help us when we are sick or injured. They attend medical school and have a degree in medicine. Doctors examine symptoms to diagnose a problem, and prescribe an appropriate treatment for their patients. They are kind, smart and help us stay healthy! You can be a doctor if you'd like to make people feel better! 

Take Flight with Barbie!

Pilots fly airplanes, helicopters and even blimps! They fly passengers and cargo to destinations all across the world! Do you love to go on adventures in the sky, too? You can be a pilot just like Barbie!

Fly to the Moon!

Barbie took her first spacewalk in 1965 and has been shooting for the stars ever since. From the very first Miss Astronaut doll to today's You Can Be Anything Astronaut, Barbie continues to break boundaries and inspire the limitless potential in all girls. In celebration of her long career in space, she takes off on a new adventure, planting a flag for girls all over the world!

Recommended Age: 3+ Years