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Tegu - Sticky Monsters - Finklebear
Tegu - Sticky Monsters - Finklebear

Tegu - Sticky Monsters - Finklebear

Short, tall, big and small, Tegu Sticky Monsters are a group of friends with rambunctious personalities. With endless compatible magnetic shapes children will love the simplicity as well as providing developmental benefits to children. 

If you find a whoopee cushion on your chair, thank local prankster Finklebear. This warm-hearted mischief-maker reminds others not to take life too seriously, and knows that laughter is the best medicine. Tegu Sticky Monsters introduce a new way to play with magnetic wooden blocks. Ten-piece Finklebear takes shape from the imagination of its builder. 

Includes 10 pieces (5 shapes): 2 Short Planks, 4 Parallelograms, 2 Monster Horns, 1 Horso, 1 Tail 
Tegu magnetic wooden blocks are brilliantly simple and premium heirloom-quality toy that will last for generations. 
Beautiful packaging and perfect for a gift! 

Suitable from 1-99 years